Raawr Avatars Second Life

Well this is supposed to be where I post things about Raawr Avatars. However since avatars usually take several months to complete, the time in between shall be filled with pictures of cats, and random things ^.^. ~Flower ♥

Raawr Avatars Horse Preview.

For once I’m actually posting something about avatars! (Don’t worry I will reblog cat pictures in a little bit :p )

So this is the horse, the next avatar for RA. this is a preview WIP so please feel free to comment or ask questions.

This time I will concentrate on natural horse markings for the recolors. So there will be a dapple grey (shown), an appaloosa , a buckskin, a black, white and so on.

Included will be rigged and unrigged legs + cut feet for using with pants, detachable horse shoes, two tails, a bitless bridle (shown) and all the usual features like expressions, talk jaw and so on (sorry I wont list everything since there is a lot :p )

On a technical side, the avatar is a little over 20k render weight with considerable attention given to the LOD drop for low graphics users. (I included an example image, and you can just start to see the eyes dropping in lod at 0.25 LOD factor. (Sl default LOD is 1.125)

Scripts are yet to be finished, but it should be well below 1Mb fully scripted.

Full 360 HD vid here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQdhvcU4egU&feature=share&list=PL6H2CHSmOr4qwp60ntH04JmKwnUPm_QAd


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